Kuk Sool Won (KSW) arrives in Boston. Venue: the Assembly Rooms.

Following a successful grading in the presence of Kuk Sa Nym (Grandmaster), a number of students at Boston’s KSW school are proud to become the town’s first Jo Kyo Nim (1st-degree Black Belts).



Moving on: KSW (Boston) relocates to Boston High School and achieves a very commendable third place at the U.K. Championships.

KSW (Boston) celebrates its 10th anniversary. New decade, new leadership: Sonny Boyall, Marian Meggat and Trevor Lilliman assume control of KSW (Boston).



Students and all involved at KSW (Boston) are deeply honoured to welcome Kuk Sa Nym to their school for the very first time.

Students from KSW (Boston) attend the World Championships in Houston, Texas, where they are treated to a two-day special training session with 8th-degree Master Alex Suh.



Students at Boston’s KSW school are proud that Kuk Sa Nym should visit them once again, on this occasion in the very same year the Grandmaster celebrates his 70th birthday.

Kuk Sa Nym presents KSW (Boston) with a plaque in recognition of the school’s hard-fought fifth place at the
U.K. Championships.

Sonny Boyall is honoured to be invited to help, for the first time, with Kuk Sa Nym’s U.K. winter seminar tour.

Sonny Boyall is invited to help
Kuk Sa Nym with his U.K. summer
seminar tour as well as his various
European seminars.



Boston’s KSW school is featured on the regional news programme, Look North.

A landmark achievement: students are welcomed into KSW (Boston)’s new purpose-built school.



Students are proud to be taught by the school’s very first Master, as Sonny Boyall is promoted to 5th-degree Black Belt.

Sonny Boyall is invited to the United States, to help Kuk Sa Nym with his seminar tour in California.