Students at Boston’s Kuk Sool Won martial arts school have been put through their paces by Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh.

Kuk Sa Nym – as he is respectfully known – is the founder of the Korean discipline.

He visited the Boston club’s new Merlin Terrace centre last Tuesday, along with his sons Master Alex Suh and Master Sung Jin Suh, as well as Master Barry Harmon.
Their senior and junior members were taken through a number of seminars during the visit. And as well as the talent on show, the new surroundings also impressed the travelling party.
“It’s grown big, the facilities here are beautiful,” said Master Alex Suh.
“Having a facility like this brings the atmosphere which helps get the best out of the students.

Pictured are Sonny Boyall, Master Sug Jin Suh, Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh, Master Barry Harmon and Master Alex Suh.

The club’s new home opened earlier this year. The entire first floor of the unit is dedicated to training. But the ground floor offers an area for work, rest and play.
As well as a secondary training area, there is a lounge area, Nintendo wii room, cinema room and also a homework room all separated by clear perspex walls – something which senior instructor Sonny Boyall believes can help to create a community feel.
“We all consider ourselves a family,” he said.
“You always want the best for your family.
“This is something I’ve been thinking about for years, how I want my school to be for everybody.
“The idea of perspex is that everything is transparent, everyone can see everything that goes on all the time.
“Parents can watch their kids and know exactly what’s going on.
“Kuk Sool won teaches discipline, good manners and good behaviour.”
The Grandmaster and his party were making their annual visit to Great Britain.
Kuk Sool Won was founded in 1958 and encompasses many different martial arts – including the use of weapons. The martial art currently has more than 1.3 million members worldwide at more than 800 centres. More than 100 of those are based at the Boston club.