In addition to the many benefits it has to offer — improved fitness, self-esteem and discipline as well as the opportunity to make some great friends — KSW is a challenge that I’ve relished ever since my first class in (I think!) 2011. I have my daughter to thank for that: it was while watching her train that I realised how fun and interesting this Korean martial art really is, and I’ve never looked back since.
Although I have a soft spot for the hyung (forms), it’s in sparring — at the European Championships in (formerly) Kings Lynn and (more recently) in Norwich — that I’ve won several medals: a few Golds, some Silvers and the odd Bronze.
Nowadays, I derive most satisfaction from helping the Colour-Belt students (including my son, Torsten, who is currently working his way up the junior ranks) to do things that they had previously considered impossible, while also being able to train with such a great bunch of people (including — of course — my wife, Isabel, who is a fellow JKN).