How and when did it all start? By somersaulting off a stage back in 2007. I was only eight years old at the time, and a friend had recommended that I try KSW. From that very first lesson, I was hooked… and eager to learn more. Just two years later I entered what was to become the first of many U.K. and European tournaments: in Liverpool, as a Blue Belt. Between then and now, I’m proud to have won two Gold medals, three Silver medals and one Bronze medal. Perhaps my most memorable KSW experience came in 2013, when I promoted to 1st degree Black Belt in front of our Grandmaster, Kuk Sa Nim.
Since that first lesson in 2007, my confidence has grown substantially, both from discovering what I am capable of doing as well as from helping others in class (which I started doing when I was 11). Watching students improve, progress and bring back medals from major tournaments is such a rewarding experience.

Bradan McNulty