I have been interested in martial arts for as long as I can remember. Although I practised Kick Boxing and Kung Fu briefly when I was younger — and enjoyed the training at the time — neither of them captivated me like KSW, which I began in the summer of 2011.
Being the father of three young children and all too aware of the world we live in, I felt that not only would their learning a martial art be a huge benefit to them but it would also be peace of mind for me. For this reason, I started taking my daughter to KSW, followed shortly after by her eldest brother. Naturally, it wasn’t long before I was persuaded to try it out, but I was initially nervous about how I’d cope: my concern was that I carried too much weight. I soon discovered, though, that my worries were unfounded, and it’s without doubt thanks to KSW that I’ve become fitter and much more supple than ever before (as anyone who knows me will vouch for!).
From an early stage, I would help in the children’s class, and began doing so on a regular basis as a Yellow Belt. It’s surprising just how much holding kick-shields and helping with basic forms and techniques can enrich your KSW knowledge, as well as furnishing you with invaluable experience on your path to becoming a Black-Belt instructor. I promoted to 1st-degree Black Belt in May 2015, and continue to help and teach in all Colour-Belt classes.
KSW (Boston) truly is a family in all senses of the word: in June 2016, just over one year after becoming a Black Belt myself, my two eldest children also promoted to JKN — and my youngest son is currently working his way through the ranks too. My wife helps out in reception.