I started Kuk Sool Won at 7 years old and achieved blackbelt by 12. In my teenage years I took a break from Kuk Sool to study, but throughout my studies KSW was never far from my mind. Training when you are young is enjoyable, but you don’t quite understand the deeper aspects of the martial art.
As I was growing up into an adult I slowly started to find myself saturated with certain aspects of KSW that I remember learning when I was young. At 22 with my career stabilised I felt ready to return to training and was warmly welcomed back to the Boston school family. As time passes I have realised that KSW is not just training 2 nights a week, it is a way of life.
I look forward to developing and to help inspire the next generations of students. The future now seems so bright, coloured with all the potential in myself waiting to be unlocked within the art of Kuk Sool Won.

Alice Katugampola