Class Times

Children’s Classes (beginners)

Mondays and Thursdays
18:00 – 18:45

Wednesdays and Fridays
18:30 – 19:30

Children’s classes (advanced)

Mondays and Thursdays
18:45 – 19:45

(Please note that students should sign in 15 minutes before their class is scheduled to begin, and that the dojang is closed on Bank Holidays.)
KSW is fun but it’s also a martial art, demanding — amongst many other things — discipline and respect! As such, the primary aim of Kuk Sool Won (Boston)’s experienced instructors is to help your child to develop a range of core skills and self-defence techniques in a secure, relaxed and friendly environment. While the benefits of KSW training are almost countless, the work-hard-and-you’ll-succeed ethos instilled in children training at Boston’s school has a proven track record of increasing self-confidence, flexibility and fitness, as well as improving concentration and co-ordination — right from the outset.
… And not just inside the dojang. In wider society, the benefits of self-defence (knowing how to think and act appropriately rather than panic in dangerous situations) speak for themselves, but the sense of achievement that children feel as they progress through the ranks and the respect and good manners they learn to show towards others will also set them in good stead in the outside world. KSW has so much more to offer than a physical workout.
 Not only do we do our best to ensure that all new students (and parents! — a seating area is provided for you to watch your child train should you wish to do so) receive a warm welcome at Kuk Sool Won (Boston), but we’re also more than happy for you and your child to come along to observe a class should either of you feel a little apprehensive about KSW training. If you have any questions at all or would like to take advantage of TWO free lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Above all, Kuk Sool Won is fun! But don’t just take our word for it…

My grandson has attended Kuk Sool Won at the Boston school now for approximately 18 months. He took part in a free taster session one evening, and from that day on there was no turning back. He loved it so much!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a good mix of girls, boys, women and men of different ages participating. Children’s Classes and adults’ classes are at different times. The sessions focus on forms and techniques which could be used in self-defence, if ever called upon.

The school is well organised and friendly. The children and adults meet new friends, and it feels as though you are part of a family. Discipline, politeness and consideration for others are also taught in the school, which itself features a good variety of new and clean equipment. The sessions vary each week and keep the children focused and interested. There are plenty of experienced students, who help the instructors.

The school also has a Christmas party for the children, a summer fête and a school demonstration team, so there is a good variety of things to get involved in if you wish.

I would highly recommend Kuk Sool Won (Boston) to any adult or child interested in martial arts and self-defence.

J. Stones

Boston's Kuk Sool school is a really friendly place. It's like one large family, and new members are really welcomed. The classes are fun and well-disciplined. There are always plenty of helpers in the beginner's classes so your child won't feel overwhelmed in a large group. They often work in smaller groups. Every lesson is different, so there's lots of variety. My two come away from every session buzzing.

Shelley Fountain

I enjoy going to Kuk Sool Won as they encourage me to do my best, and the grading days help me to show that I am improving. I have made some new friends there. I also went to my first tournament recently and won two medals.

Thomas (student), age 10

We wanted Thomas to go to Kuk Sool Won in order to learn some self-defence skills. He goes twice a week, and he loves it. He has met some new friends there, and it has also taught him good manners and discipline. We would definitely recommend Kuk Sool Won.

J. Beck (parent)

Kuk Sool Won is the Rolls Royce of Martial Arts.

A.G., age 6

Kuk Sool Won Boston is a fantastic school, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Both my children are gaining so much more than just martial arts knowledge alone. They have bonded friendships, gained confidence, learnt discipline and respect for themselves and others. They always want to train, and lessons are fun and stimulating. The instructors have created an environment in which every child is given the opportunity to fulfil their full potential. A great school to be a part of.

Kirsty (parent)