Class Times

Mondays and Thursdays
19:45 – 21:00

(Please note that students should sign in 15 minutes before their class is scheduled to begin, and that the dojang is closed on Bank Holidays.)
Too old to fight… Not fit enough… Too big… Too small… Don’t have the time… Come along to Kuk Sool Won (Boston) and you’ll find that most — if not all — your fellow students had similar reservations before finally biting the bullet and discovering that this most fantastic and varied of martial arts truly is for everyone.
Let’s dispel the myths. A KSW class is NOT about turning up, having mass brawl and then going back home. A KSW class does NOT require you to be able run a four-minute mile or to do 100 one-handed press-ups in 60 seconds. And, finally, although there are obvious benefits to attending every class, it is NOT compulsory: KSW is about progressing at your own pace, in your own time, in a very relaxed and helpful environment. 
The reality is that KSW and the way it is taught improves and conditions the mind as well as the body, with emphasis on self-discipline, etiquette and respect. Training and instructing at KSW (Boston) are provided in a friendly and encouraging environment, with instructors and Black Belts happy and willing to help at all times. Furthermore, students have the pleasure of training in a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art dojang (there’s even a secure space set aside for homework and computer games should childcare be an issue!).
Don’t forget the added benefits of KSW training:
Self-defence: Hopefully you’ll never need it… but, if you do, you’ll learn through KSW how not to panic and, crucially, how to control potentially volatile situations — with confidence.
Self-confidence: More often than not, our mind gives up before our body does. In short, at KSW you’ll discover that you’re able to do far more than you ever thought possible, building confidence in yourself and your abilities.
So, if you’re aiming to reduce stress and to improve your fitness and general wellbeing, and if you would like to learn new skills — such as self-defence and weapons training (for the more advanced) — while doing so, then the challenges, rewards and fun of KSW are definitely for you!
This is what some of our students have to say…

My son joined Kuk Sool Won after seeing an advert at his school, and we were keen to find him a hobby. He was very quickly hooked and never likes to miss a session. After a year of watching my son I decided to give it a try, mainly to gain some fitness. Now I’m hooked too! We both really enjoy training together, it’s a great challenge because there is so much to learn. The facilities are brilliant, the instructors are great and the atmosphere is perfect. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Gary Wright

I joined Kuk Sool Won (Boston) in December 2016 to spend more time with my 17-year-old son, who had already been attending the adult class for almost a year. He was always coming home saying how great the school was, so I decided to take advantage of the two free trial lessons on offer to see what it was all about before officially signing up.

Adult classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays at 7.45 p.m. (immediately after the children’s class), and are run by Sonny PKJN and his team of Black Belts, all of whom are both friendly and professional.

It is clear to all that the school has a very good community feeling. I have been a member now for roughly 10 weeks and wish I had joined sooner! I have quickly learnt that Kuk Sool Won is a traditional martial art which not only covers many forms of training and self-defence but, most importantly, teaches respect for the tradition of Kuk Sool Won as well as that of fellow members.

I would encourage anyone to visit the club and try the free lessons; you’ll see just how great it really is.

Mark White

We took our daughter to Kuk Sool Won initially to learn self-defence, so that she could protect herself if the need ever arose. Our daughter has learnt self-discipline and respect for herself and others, but the biggest development has been in her self-belief and confidence (she now enjoys helping students of different grades). This comes from the school’s inclusive philosophy, whereby every student is treated with the same amount of respect regardless of background. Our daughter works really hard at class and is reaping the rewards for doing so. All students are encouraged to give 100% during lessons, as the instructors themselves give 100% to set a great example.

Jamie Patton

I hadn’t heard of Kuk Sool Won (Boston) until my teenage daughter came home from school asking if she could attend, two nights a week, on the recommendation of a friend. Always wanting to encourage her, we agreed. Probably like a lot of parents, we thought her interest would be short-lived but how wrong we were! From the first night, she was welcomed into the Kuk Sool Won family, and she walked out of her first session with a smile — she still does, more than two years later.

Kuk Sool Won has taught her far more than a martial art. It has developed respect for other people, her self-respect and her self-discipline as well as improving her fitness and wellbeing. The Boston school offers all of this in a safe environment, with excellent teachers. Peer support is also encouraged, which promotes involvement and development. As Megan's father, I often feel she is gaining from Kuk Soon Won all of the positive attributes for future life that were once instilled within school but, alas, are no longer so often seen.

Megan enjoys the learning process, and she feels that her training and teaching are well presented and tailored to encourage all levels to progress and succeed. She enjoys what she is training for, feels supported and well trained in a great environment, so the school has my thanks for all it offers. I would encourage anyone to come and have a look, enjoy the martial art and the school and develop as an individual.

Lyndon Bailey